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Day 1: Star date - um...

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Gerard Dover Shetler.

The Captain is missing, presumed dead. As the 1st Officer I have taken over his far things have not gone as planned. After leaving the planet earth the whole crew, minus the Captain, went into what was supposed to be a temporary stasis until the ship had safely reached unchartered space; approximately 800 Lightyears from point zero (earth). It was assumed that, at the regulated speed, it would take 2 years.

...we believe that we have well surpassed what was scheduled. Luckily the ship became caught in the gravity field of an exo-planet causing a stasis override otherwise we might have been floating through space indefinitely. I was only just able to steer the ship before we crashed, we escaped with superficial cosmetic damage to the ship. I would be worried about the damage... Except for the fact that we're in the middle of fucking nowhere!

Not exactly sure what I should do right now. The radioactive core is functioning normally and the artificial Eco system is self-sustaining but things seem a little peculiar since we woke. The trained apes, Coco and Richard, who were meant to look after the botanical deck on level 3 sort of went beserk Ate one another. From the state of the vegetable garden we have ascertained that at some point Captain Mulroney was in there... What we can't work out however is whether the feces we found smothered over the walls (and somewhat Richard) belonged to the apes or our dear Captain.

Safe to say that Dr. Pinkerton was furious about the Apes. For the first 20 minutes after we broke stasis he went through the kitchen and punched literally every packet of crackers we had on board... and until we replant the vegetable garden we are left with 1400 packets of vacuum packed cheese singles and some iffy looking brie. We'd have more food but the previous Captain refused to give anyone the code for the walk in freezer and refused to write it down because 'he wasn't an idiot y'know.'

...he also hid the key for the heat tools locker. God forbid the ship malfunctions. I've tasked Enson Mboboa with typing in every number until we find the right code...which is 8 digits long. I wonder how long it'll take before she goes mad. really sucks.

Shetler Out!

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