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Day 1526: Star date - First Year of Shetler

Shetler again,

For the last 66 days we've had a bit of a Lord of the Flies situation happening on the ship. Pinkerton being Piggy, obviously. Except I saw it in my great wisdom not to drop a boulder on his head, it wouldn't have been good for morale (nor did I have one).

We've finally made it to a truce, but I'm not sure how much longer this will last. I can see in those squinting black eyes of Pinkerton's that he's gunning for my position. We've turned the cheese singles into currency, and we've created the First HMS Runaway National Bank of Cheddar, which controls the circulation. We keep it low. Sellers' Market and all.

The crew has descended into anarchy and the ship more resembles a shanty town than a naval vessel. I can't help but blame Mulroney and his crappy leadership. I am doing my best, but I'm not sure that true civility will ever return. I've managed to assemble a rag-tag Bridge team out of the Officers who weren't eaten or driven mad over the last 3 months. Not one of them knows how to operate the ship, but that's only a tiny hiccough.

My faithful No. 2 Heely found a boogie on the radar not long ago, just 70 lightyears away, which we have charted a course for. We're hoping its a planet. Maybe we can start again. It is the 1st Year of Shetler, after all. I always did fancy myself as a king...or maybe even A GOD.

Shetler OUT!

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