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Scriptwriting & Coverage

Scriptwriting Services

Short Form Scripts

Writing a short form script for any of the following formats:

  • YouTube

  • Podcast

  • Advertising


Service includes a 20-30 minute prep call to discuss the project, plus a 10-20 minute follow up call after delivery of initial draft to discuss changes, plus one revision.

Long Form Scripts

Screenplay for any genre in the following formats:

  • Short film screenplay

  • TV script (half-hour / hour)

  • Feature film screenplay


Service includes a 20-30 minute prep call to discuss the project, plus two 10-20 minute follow up calls after delivery of initial draft/1st revision to discuss changes before 2nd and final revision.

Screenplay Coverage

Screenplay Feedback

This service will provide a comprehensive report for any screenplay. The report will cover the following areas:

  • Overall impression

  • Plot & setting

  • Characters

  • Dialogue

  • Tone

The report will differ in length depending on the length of your screenplay, but should cover at least 0.5/1 page per section.

Other Things to Note

Original scripts are costed on a per page basis.

Feedback reports are costed based on how many pages are in your script.


Drift PDF Thumbnail

Serialised Sci-fi Drama

In the year 2117, a cantankerous bounty hunter is put on the trail of a missing billionaire, which sends him down a rabbit-hole of clues to his own father's disappearance 5 years earlier, and will unearth a deadly political conspiracy decades in the making.

Night Shift PDF Thumbnail

Mini-series Supernatural Drama

A traumatised ex-police officer, mourning a fatal mistake, becomes night security at a mysterious lab. Every night a ghost from her past appears on her CCTV monitor. Is this her guilty conscience or something more sinister happening at her new place of work?

Ripple Effect PDF Thumbnail

Serialised Sci-fi Action Romance

A girl living in a post-disaster colony is forced to fall in love before the age of 30 or be exiled. She becomes embroiled in a plot to sabotage the only home she's ever known. A land berg 400m below sea level.

Personal Demon PDF Thumbnail

Serialised Teen Horror Dramedy

A girl with demon powers must team up with a demon hunter, a hell hound and two wiley side-kicks in order to learn her true purpose and help prevent her decent into darkness.

We Could Be Friends PDF Thumbnail

Serialised Conspiracy Dramedy

A declining A-Lister reluctantly teams up with her stalker after she is targeted by a cutthroat media conglomerate that is secretly killing celebrities for headlines.


"By far the best place I went to for coverage. Friendly and approachable, whilst still being honest, detailed and willing to talk through feedback with you. Well worth your trust!"

Benjamin Bury, Screenwriter

"Sammie, she truly helped edit my screenplay, as I did not have much experience. She was patient and reassuring. She helped me realise the insecurities I have in my writing and gave me a newfound confidence"

Rehman Ahmed, Screenwriter

"Sammie has been an invaluable source of support and constructive feedback for my creative work, whether it’s a script or a short story. Her excellent grasp of narrative structure, character development, and general story elements sets a high bar for anyone providing similar services regardless of cost.


Thanks in large part to her deft guidance, I am better able to incorporate critique and make progress in my craft, whereas before I was stuck in the mindset of “this draft is my first and only”.


As I navigate my own writing career, I consider Sammie a precious secret I’m graciously sharing with the world." 

Winnie Khaw, Author & Screenwriter

"Ideas are just fragments of thoughts that flow through our consciousness. Occasionally, ideas turn into more; They become bridges that connect with other thoughts, concepts, and experiences, and transform into epiphanies. This is what I hoped to share in my book, "Onward, At Last". Yet how can a book of epiphanies be translated into a story worth watching? Only through the extraordinary talent of a gifted writer. Sammie is a rare talent because she listened to my aspirations so deeply she actually made them her own. And in doing so, Samantha was able to write a relatable story of a woman who came to realize my opus epiphany: "truth that leads to our sense of purpose is found within each of us, but only if we quiet the noise of our busy modern lives". If you have an idea for a story worth telling, I strongly recommend you contact Sammie Eastwood." 

Kevin Howard, Author & Filmmaker
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