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I offer several writing and proofreading services via Fiverr. Please review the services below and follow the link to my fiverr account to complete your sale.
If you are interested in discussing any of my screenwriting works (as seen in Teasers), please message me via the Contact page on this website.
Screenplay Coverage (linked)
I will provide very detailed feedback of your screenplay, which includes an analysis of the plot, narrative structure, dialogue, formatting, character arcs, pacing/economy of storytelling, tone, themes, genre and suggestions of how you might be able to improve aspects of the story, (if required). I have a particularly strong grasp of story structure and formatting. I will also provide a logline and a short synopsis summarising your story.
Screenplay Rewrite (linked)
If you have a finished script that isn't quite working, needs a new perspective or to give it that final polish - I can help. Package includes free development sessions to help me meet the specification you desire and 1 revision to the delivered script rewrite.
Proofread Short Stories & Essays (linked)

I will proofread your short stories, nonfiction works, essays, etc. to correct grammar and spelling errors. I will suggest ways to improve your sentence structures for ease of reading and better clarity. I will also help with vocabulary, rhythm and to trim out redundancy. I am a native English (UK) speaker, but I also have a firm understanding of US grammar and spelling.

Proofread Your Novel or Nonfiction Book (linked)

I'll proofread your longer works, fiction or nonfiction, to correct spelling and grammar errors. I will also suggest ways to structure your sentences for best clarity, rhythm or poetic effect. I will suggest better or more nuanced vocabulary and suggest things you might want to look into - such as libel or factual inconsistencies. I am a native English (UK) speaker with a firm understanding of US grammar and spelling.



By far the best place I went to for coverage. Friendly and approachable, whilst still being honest, detailed and willing to talk through feedback with you. Well worth your trust!

Benjamin Bury, screenwriter

Sammie gives great coverage and feedback. Brought my script to the next level! Definitely will be using her help again.

Rehman Ahmed, screenwriter

Very friendly and helpful proofreading service on marketing materials for my new business. Sammie was very responsive and gave very detailed feedback. I would definitely use this service again.

Reuben Wilkinson, Company Director
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