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Sammie Eastwood Headshot

Hi, I'm Sammie! 


I am a freelance writer, blogger and content creator with a degree in Film & Video Production and Media, specialising in writing for screen.


I am a working screenplay writer with experience in both short and long form content, my most recent commission being a feature film adapting a book for an indie production based in the US.

Along with screenwriting, I have been providing script coverage reports for writers for over 5 years. 



Having worked previously in a digital marketing agency, I have experience writing articles for print and online, social media copy, email campaigns, website content, and event guides. 


My favourite niches are Finance, Sustainability & ESG, HR & Employment, Writing & Media, AI & Technology, and Food & Beverage, but I'm confident in most niches.


I am eager to help other writers learn their craft and become successful doing what they love.


I post educational resources to the OEP blog covering topics such as plot structure, screenwriting, how to survive as a writer, breakdowns and explainers, SEO and blogging content, as well as general news about writing.



Articles, B2B & Blog Writing

Are you a business owner looking to revitalise your blog or a magazine editor in need of well-researched news or B2B content?


Whether you're too busy and need to lighten the load or need stories with great keywords – we can help you upgrade your content strategy.

Screenplays & Coverage


Are you a filmmaker or content creator needing a great screenplay for film, television, social content, or a podcast? I am a screenwriter with over 10 years experience across multiple formats.


Or... if you're a writer looking for help on a project, I also provide bespoke coverage reports, as well as 1-2-1 feedback sessions.

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